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Why it’s important not to get disheartened when you get stuck at the guitar

Guitar is one the most popular instruments in the wild. Apparently one in four people claim they can play the guitar in the UK. I’d like to challenge the statement but I think it’s very likely that one and four of us does own a guitar in the UK. You go to peoples houses new see you guitar lying around. You asked them if they can play and many times still say no are used to play.

So what happened? why do these people give up?

One of the reasons that they lack the support system around them for them to keep going when things get tough.

Another reason is that maybe they could put an instrument because I don’t know where else to go with it. The lease direction and I have any guidance for which to do. 

Having Realistic Expectations

Realistic expectations is another. A lot of people think the guitar is easier than it is. And in some ways it is and in many ways it’s not. I know when I first looked at the guitar I thought it was something that you tomato in a year or two. Having come from a background in piano, I saw the guitar as an inferior instrument. Ha ha how wrong was I. There are so many things you can do with a guitar on Waze that you can’t do a piano. However people do you have unrealistic expectations when it comes to learn any guitar I think that they can learn it much sooner and when it gets tough they give up.

It’s Not You… It’s the Guitar

The thing that I’m trying to say who is that is very very common for people to give up playing guitar. So what does that mean for you? Are you going to be one of those people? 

Or are you going to avoid it by knowing these things in advance, so that when things get tough you know where to go and get guidance so that you don’t give up. And end up having a guitar next to you for the next 20 years and look at it and feel bad that you can’t play it. 

How to go about getting motivated about Guitar again

So get yourself some friends to play guitar with.

Find yourself some musicians to sing along to you playing the guitar.

Get a guitar teacher who can help you learn the guitar. There are so many things you can do to motivate yourself and invigorate your guitar playing when things get hard. There are ways to overcome any challenges that you have on the guitar. And if you do wanna take a break too well you can come back to it don’t put so much pressure on yourself to meet a deadline of learning the guitar. You have a lifetime to do it.

I like they say the best time to plant the tree 20 years ago and the next best time is now so just stop pursuing playing the guitar the way that you want to.

Enjoy the journey and it will come much easier.

planting tree for guitar playing

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