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What to think about when buying a guitar for beginners

What are the sort of things we need to think about when it comes to buying our first guitar

If this is your first time buying a guitar. It may seem like a daunting experience. Especially if you’ve set yourself a reasonable budget to do so. 

The good news is that if you buy something of reasonable quality. The chances are you can resell your guitar. But hopefully guitar will be something you will want to play got a long time. 

And buying a guitar that you love and treasure as your first guitar. Will help you get there. 

So why buy a nice guitar?

Why not just buy the cheapest thing around the block. 

Having a decent guitar will help make your playing journey for enjoyable. 

If you get a cheap guitar, the strings are often difficult to play and will hurt your fingers, and also the action (the gap between the strings and the fretboard) May be larger which makes it harder for you to play as a beginner as well.

A guitar isn’t just down to the quality of the strings and how it set up though there are many things that makes her playing a guitar more enjoyable.

It could be the tone and the sound that your guitar is making.

All in all it’s better to get a guitar that you like and love and this will motivate you to practice and get excited to come back from your lesson and try out new things on your new guitar!

Acoustic or Electric Guitar?

First thing so think of is whether you want to get an acoustic or an electric guitar!

Electric guitars can be slightly easier to play for beginners because I have seen a strings and a sinner body. Which means it’s easier for you to look over and see your fingers playing on the fretboard. 

Acoustic guitars are good as well if you are into playing acoustic covers of songs that you love.

Electric guitars can have a bit more set up for example you need an amp and lead where is an acoustic guitar you can just pick up and play and it will sound gorgeous as it is. 

This is a good start to trying to make sure you get a quality guitar that is the right sort to help you to get started with buying your first guitar.

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