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My experience learning the guitar

Learning a completely new instrument

Someone who’s never played any instruments before the idea of learning the guitar was quite daunting for me.

But it’s something that I’ve wanted to do ever since I was about 16 when I saw my first concert. It wasn’t a live concert it was a record concert of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen on television, Brian May had both surprised and Intrigued me. 

Brian May

I found out everything I could about him realise he was an astrophysicist tongue guitarist! I was so excited as I was a bit of a physics nerd myself.

They had the crowd was roaring for them, In a way that I never seen before. And I wanted that same feeling for myself. Alas reality hit, I became a humble science teacher.

I thought music wasn’t in my bones and I just enjoyed listening to it and now that I’m retired I decided to finally give playing guitar go.

I didn’t know where to get started back in the day people use DVDs and CDs to learn how to play guitar. Or maybe they just copied from other people, or they got their friends teach them.

Getting started with Guitar Lessons

I decided I would learn best with physical guitar lessons that way I can get feedback and it was the way I talk best. I can see how my students were so much more interactive when I talk to them in person versus if I gave him homework and got them to work on and problem themselves. I thought that that would work best for me as well. 

So off I went to find a guitar school that would suit my needs I need someone who had experience in teaching complete beginners would never played before. 

And finally I managed to find this guitar school Seem to offer everything I wanted. I’m a pretty sociable guy and it would’ve been nice to meet some other musicians who around my age you also learning as well. Like in a classroom I see students learn best when they can bounce ideas off one another in a group. And I wanted that for myself as well. But it’s pretty hard to find lessons that isn’t just one-to-one.

And since having lessons and having that interaction and teachers who really know what they’re doing I’ve been able to achieve more than I ever thought I could on the guitar. From plain simple cause to now actually performing fun of other people. I’m not quite queen! But I have had lots of claps and Whoops! from the audience when I’ve played. And that’s more rewarding than a man my age deserves. 

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