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Electric guitar is a very popular for beginners because the strings are thin and they’re easy for your fingers to press on. And also many popular pop songs are also played on electric guitar and you can use lots of different effects, synths, pedals to create the sound that you want to achieve from your guitar to sound like your favourite guitarists. 

Electric guitar

On top of that electric it has come in a lot of different shapes which is really exciting for beginners to choose from. You can choose guitar shame is based on Your favourite guitarists, or maybe you have a preference on the shape of them. You can also choose from a range of different colours as well. From bright pink holographic to black or silver there are so many different guitar colours that you can choose from. You can even custom across colours as well and even build your own electric guitar so you can have whatever colour you need.

I still remember watching this YouTube video which is got billions of views I will embed it below where the sky have made an electric guitar used from coloured pencils and it looked like the most amazing thing in the world. That’s probably why he has so many views on his video. 

Acoustic Guitar

I didn’t start out an electric guitar though, I actually started with an acoustic guitar. Which is what a lot of beginners end up starting on because it seems to be easier. That’s because there is less buttons and knobs to play with, however, the acoustic guitars have much thicker strings. The sticker strings mean that I can be much harder for beginner to press down and get a good sound and then the finger start to hurt you and many of them give up soon after because they think that they can’t play the guitar.

Really fun acoustic guitar it just takes longer because you have to build up a higher level of callouses on your fingers to make them nice and  tough so you can press down on the strings easier.

The nice thing about acoustic guitar

The nice thing about acoustic guitar is that you don’t have to plug them in and they sound great as they are once you’ve got a handle for good sound. And many popular songs also use Acoustic for tours to play and one where you can make an acoustic guitar easier to play is choose a classical acoustic which means that the strings some of the strings are made out of plastic which makes it easier for you fingers to press down. 

Choosing a guitar to start off with might seem really overwhelming but there are easier ways of doing it if you have a guitar teacher then you can ask them to help you recommend one and it can be especially useful if they have different types of guitars that you can try out because of coronavirus we haven’t been able to go to guitar store. Normally go into a guitar store is a great way of of Trying out different guitars to you know which ones you like. A lot of time is it at home may seem small or big online but actually once you’ve got it on you in person it can feel very different and you wanna make sure you find one that is comfortable for you to sit with so that you can practice and play for long hours and not overwhelmed.

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